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Did you know that Bruges’ historic city center is a prominent World Heritage Site of UNESCO? It really should come as no surprise then that Bruges is something like a real life museum. From the ubiquitous Gothic architecture which predates the medieval times to the lively pubs, Bruges is the perfect destination for both history buffs and Belgian beer fanatics alike.

In this article we’re covering our 4 favorite things about Bruges.

4. The Beer

Everyone and their mom knows Belgium is famous for two main things- the beer and the chocolate. I’m not a big beer fan so I can’t really say much about this topic and can only name a few well-known brands off the top of my head. Stella Artois, Duvel, and yea that’s pretty much all I got ūüėÄ (sorry guys, I really meant it when I said I know nothing about beer!). But even if you’re not a beer lover, Belgium offers plenty of tasty ciders. We got to try plenty of local brews that had even me calling for another round.
de garre
Best places for beer in Bruges:
  • Try the historical pub De Garre. Concealed away from the main square, this hidden gem serves both regional and draft beers. You must try the Brouwerj Van Steenberge triple ale. This Belgian triple packs a punch at 11% ABV. For this reason they only serve three glasses max per visitor.
  • L’Estaminet
  • 2be is one of the more well known bars in Bruges and has a massive wall of assorted Belgian beers. It’s a must! Enjoy a sampling platter on the idyllic terrace.
Though we didn’t have the chance, go for a brewery tour or check out the beer museum in the main square.

3. The Chocolate

If you’re foodies like us, you’ll thoroughly enjoy peeking into the many local chocolate boutiques around town. We take our chocolate very seriously. That’s why we indulged ourselves in boxes upon boxes of rich pralines (enjoyed by even the Belgian King and Queen). No seriously, we were told at Galler that King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium are one of their biggest customers! The delectable pralines also make for great souvenirs. To get your local fix, be sure to look out for a ‚Äėhandmade‚Äô sign in the Chocolatier‚Äôs windows. Good chocolate here is not hard to come by any means.
belgian chocolate

2. The Architecture

Miraculously, Burges has most of its medieval architecture still intact making it one of Europe’s most well-preserved towns.There aren’t many places where you can find as many photogenic squares and soaring towers.
Bruges landmarks you can’t miss:
  • Belfry Tower- hike the 366-step clock tower dating back to the 13th-century to get a stunning birds eye view of the city. There is a 12‚ā¨ entrance fee.
  • Historium Bruges
  • Provinciaal Hof
  • Basilica of the Holy Blood- the basilica houses a phial supposedly containing a few drops of Christ‚Äôs blood that was brought here after the 12th-century Crusades. There is a 2‚ā¨ entrance fee.
  • Old St. John’s Hospital
  • Jan van Eyckplein
  • Burg Square

1. The Canals


During the Middle Ages, due to its dense network of waterways, Burges was considered to be one of the major commercial centers of Europe and its name is thought to have been derived from the Old Dutch word for ‚Äúbridge‚ÄĚ: brugga. Quaint Bruges boasts more than 80 bridges! Think Amsterdam with medieval charm. We highly recommend a canal tour to start off your trip in Bruges. It’s always interesting to tour a city by water as it offers new perspectives. If you’re only spending a few hours or even a day in Bruges, sailing the city is your best bet as you can knock out the most important landmarks in half the time. And luckily most landmarks are just a stones throw away.

Between the crafty beers, *rich* chocolate, stunning architecture and pretty canals, Bruges is a wonderful little town that is sure to leave a lasting impression on any visitor. Great for a weekend getaway with family or friends.
Question for you guys: What would you most like to see in Bruges given the chance? If you’ve already been, what was your experience like?
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Thanks for reading and safe travels!

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