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Planning a trip to Croatia and need a few tips on what to do? If so, then there are two things you MUST do in this beautiful city. First and foremost, you’ll want to block off a day for taking a boat tour of the islands around Split. Secondly, plan a day for seeing the historical monuments in Split. 


Don’t miss your chance to explore at least one of Croatia’s over one thousand islands! Croatia is well known for its breathtaking archipelago of islands, and those off the coast of Split are no exception.


You will find many tour operators offering daylong boat trips to some of the most beautiful islands in all of coastal Europe. Though some tour groups were offering package deals up to as many as 6 different islands, we opted for the 3-island tour. This was hands down the absolute highlight of our trip; and if we could go back and do it all again, we’d visit as many islands as we could. From the Blue Lagoon’s turquoise crystal-clear waters to the beautiful architecture dotted along Šolta, these are our 3 favorite islands to visit near Split, Croatia that you cannot miss!

Boating in Split Croatia
Beach hopping in Split!
3) Okrug Gorji- Čiovo Island
This island is peppered with many resorts affording day visitors a more private vibe.
What I loved most about this island was the joy felt while swimming towards the seemingly boundless horizon. It must have been something in the water because floating in the middle of the sea, starring up into the cloudless sky made me feel so at peace. More of a sporty person? Luckily there are many aquatic activities readily available on the island, such as paddle boarding, snorkeling, and kayaking.
2) Maslinica- Šolta Island
Maslinica, a tiny port village, is a perfect place to wind down for a relaxing sea-side lunch or dinner after a long day of swimming. This village is so charming, and again, had us wishing we had a wee bit more time to spend exploring the island. Be sure to pick up a thoughtful souvenir for that special someone at one of the many artisan harbor-side jewelry shops. I was in heaven as soon as I laid eyes on the aisles of jewelry decked in wooden-beaded bracelets and necklaces beautifully handcrafted from olive tree bark. The shops also had a large offering of red coral pendants.
1) Blue Lagoon- Drvenik and Krknjasi islands
The Blue Lagoon gets its name for a reason- the truly pristine condition of the water is something magical and inviting. I remember wanting to dive into the water from the boat itself! I could have easily spent a whole day at the Blue Lagoon but we were on a tight schedule so I was sure to enjoy every minute of it. Even without a snorkeling mask, one can easily look straight to the bottom of the seafloor and find a plethora of small marine life swimming at the soles of your feet.


Diocletians palace in Split
Diocletians palace
Diocletian’s Palace

Aside from the vibrant nightlife and romantic seaside promenades, I was amazed by the historical richness here.

Serving as the main attraction in Split, Diocletian’s Palace is a 1,700-year old palace and prominent Roman ruin.
Originally built for the Roman Emperor Diocletian, the palace is the only standing structure that remains from this era. Though a city adopting the same limestone and white marble building materials was later formed around it. Tourists from around the world flock to the fortress only to discover it’s enchantment for themselves. If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you’ll definitely recognize the Diocletian’s palace for its appearance in the popular HBO TV series. Step on the scenes of actual filming locations– such as Daenry’s Throne Room (located in the basement) and Papalićeva Street.

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