Many make the mistake of undermining Bruges and choosing to travel to bigger cities like Antwerp, Brussels, or Ghent. But we’re here to tell you that you should definitely either add Bruges to the top of your list or even go to the lengths of seeing Bruges OVER the others. Why? Bruges is a place that has all the main staples of the bigger cities but has a romantic and medieval charm that the others just cannot compete with. After all, there is good reason that Bruges is named the “Venice of the North” and has a historical city center labeled  as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The best things in life are free! One can travel to Bruges without spending a fortune, as many believe the best attractions are those in the main Burg and Market Squares, which both can be seen from outdoors. Take an evening saunter along the picturesque canals and explore the lively quarters. Or perhaps have a picnic in the hidden urban orchard Hof De Jonghe. One thing worth spending your dim on, however, is definitely the food. When it comes to Belgian cuisine you are spoiled for choice! A simple stroll down any street and one is bound to dart into one of the many chocolate or waffle shops around town (say goodbye to your diet)! And did I say fries yet!?! You can expect to pair your meals with a tall order of fries on the side.

In this guide you’ll find a list of spots not to miss, budgeting tips, and highlights of the city from personal experience.

Top Sights To See In Bruges

Belgian chocolate tasting
Beer tasting at 2be Beer
Belfort Tower
Chocolate Museum
Basilica of the Holy Blood
Burg Square
Madonna of Bruges
Canal Tour

Typical Costs When Travelling

Accommodation – 40€ per person per night for a double room in an apartment/Airbnb booked in advance. Try to look for accommodation in the historical city center, you won’t be disappointed. We stayed at Gastenhuis Sint-Andriescruyse and were pleasantly surprised by the incredibly accommodating hosts. Highly recommended!

Food – you’ll prolly wanna budget as much as you can because Belgium is one of the best places for food tourism. I’m talking greasy french fries and croquettes, rich chocolate, and waffles. All in that order! heheh What a combo! Another national staple is Mussels. Friends recommend Breydel-De Coninck.

Transportation – no need to budget transportation costs as you’ll want to walk and this is easily do-able. However, an even better way to see this picturesque city is by the canals! And who doesn’t love a place that uses boats as the main mode of transportation? When in doubt, go for the boat. An hour-long canal cruise ride usually costs around 10€ per person.

Belgium graphic

Suggested daily budget – 50-100€ (Note: This is a suggested budget assuming you’re staying in an apartment and eating out moderately. This is inclusive of accommodation, food, transportation and entertainment costs).


Canal Tour No better way to experience the city than by following this age-old tradition. When cruising Bruges’ canals you will discover the main monuments all in one go. The cruise is sure to leave you in awe as this city has a historical charm bound to leave a good impression on even the most seasoned traveler.
Burg Square Belgium is a country of squares! From Brussels to Antwerp to Bruges, each city seems to boast their own square lined with impressive and colorful buildings.One of the most notable in Bruges is Burg Square, with buildings that date as far back as 1376. A place full of history.
Market Square I guess you might’ve seen this one coming (see highlight #2). Again, here we have yet another historical square that was the main gathering place for medieval festivals, fairs, and other public events that has been used since 958. The most striking building is the Belfry Tower without a doubt. Climb to the top of the tower to get a birds-eye view of the city.
2be Beer Tasting The best spot for beer in Bruges! Not a big fan of beer and unsure which beer may be right for you? Well luckily this place offers an entire WALL of beers to choose from and unique tasting platters. Within this selection you are bound to find something between the obvious Belgian classics but also fruity and unexpected flavors like coconut or peach. Grab yourself a tasting platter for only 10€. Also, 2be has a lovely terrace where you can enjoy your brew with a lovely view of the idyllic canals.

We hope some of these tips could help ease the planing process!

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Do you have any advice to add to this page, or have you had similar/different experiences in Bruges? Let us know in the comments!


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