There’s no place in India quite like Goa. It’s where common Indians escape the busy city life in Delhi and Mumbai for miles of sand and sea. Goa is primarily known for the party scene. Many internaitonal DJ’s come to Goa just to produce music and on any given day you can find a beach party to crash. Music can range from pop to electronic music, but mainly you’ll hear trance music in the bars. If you like a mix of alternative music, warm weather, and partying till dawn, well then Goa is for you my friend!

This is not to say that Goa is only for the party animals out there. The South of Goa is the more serene half of the state and it too attracts people from all over the world looking to get away. The South of Goa doesn’t have as many bars and clubs but instead long strips of sandy beaches lined with five-star hotels. Think massgages and relaxing on the beach topped off with delectabel meals. Yet the thing that makes Goa so damn attractive for all travelers is it’s affordability. One can enjoy all of the perks of a seaside destination without the hefty price tag. In fact, food and alcoholic drinks are cheaper in Goa than many other parts of the country.

So whether you’re looking to dance till the break of dawn or relax to the max, Goa is the place to be!

In this guide you’ll find a list of spots not to miss, budgeting tips, and highlights of the city from personal experience.

Top places to visit in Goa

Goa Velha

Typical Costs When Travelling

Accommodation – this ranges depending on the region. Don’t spend too much on accomodation as there are many affordable options out there that are just as nice as a fancy hotel. We always recommend heritage properties. In Anjuna we stayed at an artsy bed and breakfast and only paid around 2,000 RS per night (US$30).

Food – budget around 504 RS (=$7) for two sit down meals. Of course, as this is a seaside area it is always bes to go for seafood. But there are plenty of other options as well and even the internatinoal food scene is great. For instance, check out Thalassa, a chic Greek restaurant overlooking the ocean. Who would’ve thunk… Greek food in India!?! Otherwise, definitely try Goan fish curry, pork vindaloo, and the local alcohols King Fisher beer, Eight Finger Eddie IPA, and Feni liquor.

Transportation – budget around 200-300 RS as this is the typical price for renting a scooter (which you can of course negotiate) in Goa. Everyone knows that the best mode of transportation in Goa is by moped. Goa and scooters just kind of go hand in hand. After all, there’s nothing like packing up your swimsuit and heading to the beach on two wheels, feeling the warm air through your hair! Usually, hotels offer bikes for rent at an affordable rate. Just be mindful that you will also have to pay for parking at most beaches. If you’re looking for more info on this, we have a whole post dedicated to traveling Goa by scooter.

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Suggested daily budget –  2,500 RS (US$35) (Note: This is a suggested budget assuming you’re staying in a standard hotel, not eating at expensive restauratns, and using a scooter.


Anjuna Scoot on over to the party capital of Goa! Definitely check this area out if that's your thing. We also recommend doing some exploring ing as you can easily find some really nice and secluded beaches nearby. For instance, Ozran Beach has to be one of our faves (and even more amazing for late-night trance beach parties).
Panaji The state capital of Goa! This is definitely more of a city than beach destination, but it's worth taking the trip for the traditional Portuguese architecture and brightly colored villages. Think of it like the Burano of India.
Mandrem The best area for relaxation and seclusion. Mandrem is for you if you enjoy beach yoga, massages, or just chilling in general. It definitely has a more laidback and relaxed vibe than other areas of Goa.
Morjim Small town fun! This quaint beach town has a younger crowd and hipster-ish vibe to it. So it's worth checking out if that's your thing. There's also a spectacular burger joint right on the beach- Burger Factory.

We hope some of these tips could help ease the planing process! If you’re interested in reading more about our India adventures, you should definitely check out our latest post on our favorite spots in Mumbai.


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    February 3, 2020

    One beach you forgot to mention. Arambol. It’s one of the most popular.


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