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I can only say good things about Leipzig! I love the young vibe and that it immediately gives you a feeling of home. In addition, it is well preserved so many of the buildings you’ll see have been there for hundreds of years. This cannot be said about many other parts of Germany unfortunately so Leipzig has a real charm compared to other big cities in the country.

Whether you’re just passing through Leipzig for the day or taking a few days away, you will inevitably find something to love about it. If given the chance, come during late November-December to visit the Christmas market. The Leipzig Christmas market has been rated as one of the best in Germany (and perhaps Europe) time and time again.

In this guide you’ll find a list of spots not to miss, budgeting tips, and highlights of the city from personal experience.


Altes Rathaus
St. Thomas Church
Day trip to Dresden
Saxon Switzerland National Park

Typical Costs When Travelling

Accommodation – costs range from 75-100€ per day. Look for accommodation near Markt or Zentrum-West. These areas are best because they are near the main attractions and because Leipzig not a large city, even staying towards the city center won’t be too loud.

Food – budget around 50€ per day per person. Leipzig is advanced in the sweets department with lots of tasty desserts such as Leipziger Räbchen or Bachtorte and Bachtaler (named after the famous musician Bach who used to be a resident of Leipzig)! We recommend topping the day off with a stroll through the Barfussgässchen to find the perfect spot for dinner.

Transportation – you won’t need to factor in any transport costs as the city is easily walk-able by foot.

If you’re considering taking a day trip (highly recommended as Leipzig can easily be seen in a day) book the Sachsen-Ticket offered by the Deutsche Bahn. This is a 1-day pass for travel within the state of Saxony for 25€ plus 7€ per additional passenger. A great option for groups and families! Places worth taking the trip for are Dresden and/or Saxon Switzerland National Park.

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Suggested daily budget – 100-150 EUR (Note: This is a suggested budget assuming you’re staying in a standard hotel, eating out a little, and using local transportation).


Markt No matter the time of year, chances are that something will be happening on the market square. The annual Leipzig Christmas market is located here, where you’ll find a towering spruce amid hundreds of stalls. At other times of the year there are weekly produce markets.
Drallewatsch The name ``Drallewatsch`` is an old saying from the area meaning ``to experience something`` as well as ``to stroll from pub to pub``. Peruse a large selection of restaurants offering both local and international cuisines with outdoor seating.
Mädler-Passage This luxury shopping passage is mere steps away from the Markt and houses 40 speciality shops, cafes and restaurants. Even if you don't fancy any shopping taking a quick peek inside is fun in its own right.
Day trip to Dresden Take a quick day tour of the city known for it's pretty Baroque palaces, churches and stately buildings (that carry much historical relevance). Dresden has the same vibe of Leipzig but on a much larger scale. Do see the iconic Zwinger and the Frauenkirche.

We hope some of these tips could help ease the planing process! Still not convinced to visit the lovely Leipzig? Check out our latest post on why we adore Leipzig.


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