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Ranked number six on Forbes list of ‘8 European Cities Offering The Best Quality Of Life In The World’, I’m here to tell you why Dusseldorf, Germany is indeed a fantastic place to call home!

Aside from gaining fame for its mustard and being Augustus Gloop’s hometown, there is much else to love about Dusseldorf. It’s the fashion capital of Germany and a hub for modern and contemporary art. It’s affordable, modest in size, well-connected, and absolutely wunderschön! As avid travelers, Abhi and I are both particularly keen on the dozens of cheap and fast travel connections to neighboring countries- the Netherlands and Belgium. I’m talking 7-euro round trip tickets, and with the airport just a 20-minutes reach by train, it makes international travel a breeze!

While it’s difficult to sum up a city in just a few minutes, I found this video by a trivago colleague very on point.

Looking for suggestions on restaurants, bars and attractions from locals? Look no further, because we’ve rounded up some of our favorite weekend hangout spots around town!

Eating Out:

Our Go-To spots…
Williams Bar and kitchen
Williams Bar & Kitchen
Modern European Restaurant with an old-fashioned twist
Located on a trendy corner in Unterbilk, you’ll find Williams Bar & Kitchen. Perfect for late-night dinner and drinks, Williams offers a high-quality array of Mediterranean and pan-Asian inspired dishes as well as an extensive list of signature drinks and cocktail pairings. The plush leather seating and cozy avant-garde décor will make you feel right at home. We recommend the Ceviche with a Pisco Coriander Smash– sophisticated and fresh! Looking for a typical German dish? No problem, this bar and kitchen is known for serving up the best Veal schnitzel in town! The service (which can be hard to come by) is just as excellent as the food. So whether you’re having a spontaneous night out or have something special planned, you can not go wrong with Williams Bar & Kitchen. Just be sure to make a reservation ahead of time, especially on the weekends!
bibimcup dusseldorf
Korean restaurant

Hosting one of Europe’s largest Japanese communities, Dusseldorf offers visitors an authentic Asian culinary experience. We even have an entire street (Oststraße) with nothing but Korean, Japanese and Chinese restaurants- hailing thousands of visitors each day. For those looking to give Korean a try, definitely check out Bibimcup! For those looking for authentic Japanese restaurants in the area, see restaurant recommendations by New York Times’ own Giulia Pines. Bibimcup is perfect for vegans and vegetarians or anyone looking for affordable dining options.

Their signature dish is a delicious mixed rice bowl topped with seasoned vegetables and a spicy red chili paste, soy sauce, or soybean paste- aka Bibimbap.
Other restaurant recommendations include La Bouillabaisse, Rob’s Kitchen and Bernstein und Inbar.


The best drinks around town. When looking for places to go out in Dusseldorf, you will undoubtedly find yourself in the Altstadt (Old Town). With around 300 bars, clubs and breweries in one area, there’s no wonder why the Altstadt is known for being “the longest bar in the world”.
beuys dusseldorf
Beuys Bar
Cocktail Lounge
Head over to this hidden gem for post-dinner drinks. It can be tricky to find and you may have to ring the bell for entry. Just be sure to jot down the address beforehand! Juxtaposing the bustling and loud nightlife in the Altstadt, Beuys has an easy-going atmosphere.
„Jeder Mensch ist ein Kunstler“ – Joseph Beuys
Just like the old-school hip-hop and soul beats playing in the background, find a superb collection of handcrafted cocktails and mixed drinks from the folded hip-hop cassette tape menu. Better yet, just ask any of the specialized mixologists to craft something to your taste- they will not disappoint! Our recommendation? The Tea Tyme Mule or The Bird. If your drinks have got you ready for a night on the town, head over to Sir Walters for a fun and formal dance party.
Brauerei Kürzer
Traditional Alt Bier Brewery
It’s not a night out in the Altstadt without ordering a round of Altbiers! While the Altbier is ubiquitous across Dusseldorf, we recommend ordering from Kürzer, where it is brewed in-house to perfection and costs only 1,70 euro a glass! Upon serving an Alt, it is common practice in North Rhine-Westphalia that the barkeeper will pencil mark the coaster with a tick for each new beer. They will keep those beers coming until you place the coaster atop your glass. Despite only opening its doors just a few years ago, Kürzer already draws large groups of people on any given day of the week. So if you find a free spot (inside or out), be sure to stake your territory! 
You’ll usually find a younger crowd here, but visitors of all ages (and nationalities) are welcome!


If you only had 24 hours in Dusseldorf, here’s what you can’t miss…
dusseldorf rhein promenade
Medienhafen –
Offering quintessential views of the city skyline, Medienhafen is definitely a must-see when visiting Dusseldorf! Once serving as a prosperous commercial harbor, Medienhafen has now blossomed into a modern hub for top media and fashion companies. With the likes of architectural highlights such as the Gehry buildings, Stadttor, and the Rheinturm (all within walking distance of each other), there’s no wonder why they call Dusseldorf “die schönste Stadt am Rhein” (the most beautiful city on the Rhine).
Rheinufer Promenade –

Where the city meets the river. The Rhine embankment is a great place to meet friends for a long stroll along the river or for a waterfront picnic at sunset.

During the summer, festivals take place practically every weekend. We love the Dusseldorf Jazz Rally and France Festival, just to name a few. Check for a year-round listing of events here. As it gets cold, the city and its harbor side transform into a winter wonderland. Be sure to grab a Glühwein mug or two and some fluffy Poffertjes.
Dusseldorf is truly an amazing and welcoming city. We hope you get the chance to experience it yourself.
Did we miss anything? Let me know in the comments!
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