Bramberg am Wildkogel Alps

A detailed account of trivago’s event of the year.

Every year, trivago hosts an amazing 4-day trip to an unknown destination for the entire company with the aim of fostering team building and cross-departmental collaboration. This year, alongside 900 colleagues, I hopped on a 10-hour train headed south to Bramberg am Wildkogel, Austria!


All boogied out and sleepy from the party train just a few hours before, we finally arrived at our new home for the next 4 days… the trivago village. I was sooo ready to switch from the cramped train seats to a proper bed! But I wasn’t quite prepared for what was in store. Our luxurious Alpine aparthotel Das Bramberg Wildkogel Resorts was nestled at the bottom of the mountains and had some pretty spectacular views of the mountains. Aside from that, the apartments had cozy living spaces, a fireplace, and state-of-the-art appliances. I instantly felt at home and even fell asleep on the couch within the first few hours of us arriving thereby missing both the welcome event and opening live music. Oops!


While I did experience some serious FOMO the night before, I was happy to catch some Zzzz’s before the morning hike.
Waking up feeling refreshed, I was ready to take on the Wildkogel Mountain! The air was crisp and the sky covered in a dense fog. But with just a quick cable car ride up the mountain, the fog slowly dissipated and I was greeted with something amazing. 2,224 m above the trivago village awaited a stunning panoramic view of the Austrian Alps, with their snow-covered peaks and winding valleys against the backdrop of a cloudless sky. Every turn of the head was a new angle for an Instagram-worthy snapshot. I had to pinch myself, everything seemed so pristine. Never before had I been (or could even imagine being) atop the Austrian Alps, not to mention alongside 900 colleagues, with this view. And so a 4-hour hike in this beautiful location began.
After a day filled with amazing activities in the mountains, we danced the night away to live music by the Crux Pistols, apres-ski style!
Hiking the Wildkogel Mountain
Hiking the Wildkogel Mountain


A few friends and I decided to take a short trip outside of the trivago village. What smart friends I have! With just a 20-minute train ride away we discovered the Krimml waterfalls and an authentic Austrian village festival. The lush greenery and towering hills all around us were truly breathtaking. And it felt good to switch off all connection to the internet and get lost in the beautiful nature, if even just for a few hours. Back at the trivago village, we were initiating a Volksfest of our own… where everyone came dressed up in traditional clothing from their home countries. I’m not even slightly patriotic but decided to rep my home state Wisco <3 You can take a girl out of Wisconsin but you can’t take Wisconsin out of a girl! All I was missing was my cheese head hat and a bottle of Spotted Cow.
Krimml waterfalls
Krimml waterfalls


And just like that, 4 days had come and gone. I briefly lived in an Austrian ski village, danced till morning with my best friends in a party train, met amazing colleagues-turned-friends from all over the world and hiked a freaking mountain! Now that’s what I call a successful company trip.Thank you trivago for organizing such an amazing event! These are memories to last a lifetime.
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